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Vessel with Fisherman - Minoan - Phylakopi, Milos island- 1600 B.C. - Ceramic Vase

Vessel with Fisherman - Minoan - Phylakopi, Milos island- 1600 B.C. - Ceramic Vase

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Condition: New, Handmade in Greece.
Material: Clay
Height: 25 cm - 9,8 inches
Width: 14 cm - 5,5 inches
Length: 12 cm - 4,7 inches
Weight: 520 g

Phylakopi, located at the northern coast of the island of Milos, is one of the most important Bronze Age settlements in the Aegean and especially in the Cyclades. The importance of Phylakopi is in its continuity throughout the Bronze Age (i.e. from the half of the 3rd millennium BC until the 12th century BC) and because of this, it is the type-site for the investigation of several chronological periods of the Aegean Bronze Age
Phylakopi was first excavated between 1896 and 1899 under the British School at Athens (as well as all subsequent projects). The excavation was remarkably ahead of its time, with Duncan MacKenzie (the later foreman to Sir Arthur Evans at Knossos) recording detailed stratigraphic information. The excavation revealed a hitherto unknown Bronze Age Cycladic settlement with continuity throughout the Early Bronze Age to the very end of the Late Bronze Age. It was from this excavation that the three phase stratigraphy was suggested, the second and third phases relating to periods of Minoan and Mycenaean influence respectively. The settlement was re-excavated in 1910-11 with a focus on refining ceramic chronology. The most recent excavation at the site was conducted by Professor Colin Renfrew. The excavations were covered in two monographs and revealed a previously unknown Sanctuary.

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