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Vergina Sun - Royal Macedonian Symbol - Ancient Greece - Paperweight - pure bronze statue

Vergina Sun - Royal Macedonian Symbol - Ancient Greece - Paperweight - pure bronze statue

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Condition: New, Made in Greece.
Material: Pure Bronze
Height: 8 cm - 3,15 inches
Width: 8 cm - 3,15 inches
Weight: 200 g

The Sun of Vergina is a symbol that was widely used by Ancient Greeks. It became famous due to the Macedonians who were using it as Symbol of the Argead Dynasty.
The typical Sun of Vergina is a 16-pointed Sun. It can also be found in other styles: 12-pointed or 8-pointed. What was the meaning of this symbol?? –In the typical 16-pointed Sun , the 4 rays represent the 4 elements: Earth-Ocean-Fire-Air. The other 12 rays represent the 12 Gods of Olympus.
–In every form, the Sun of Vergina symbolized Virginity:
Goddess Athena was a Virgin, so this Sun was associated with her. We can also find this symbol associated with Apollo. –All the versions (16,12 and 8-pointed Sun) are associated with another famous Greek symbol, the“Delphian Epsilon”, symbol of Apollo:
The Sun of Vergina became common art design in coins, craters, wall-drawings etc LONG BEFORE the Macedonian royal house (the Argead Dynasty) used it. After the unification of the Greek (Hellenic) nation under the leadership of Alexander the Great, the Sun of Vergina became the symbol of the Hellenic Ethnogenesis.
BEFORE THE RISE OF THE GREEK KINGDOM OF MACEDONIA. these sun symbols are found in various Greek places, apart from Macedonia.

ΦΧ 000158 ΗΛΙΟΣ ΒΕΡΓΙΝΑΣ - 8,5

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Excellent quality artwork

One of my favourite and beautiful symbols or artwork, if you prefer, which has been found all over ancient Greek territory, also in 8-rays. Believed by some to have connection to Sirius, the brightest star, which for the ancient Greeks, held a certain significance. No matter its ancient significance, it gives an essence of geometry. Thanks for its great quality, both in material and above all, in design .

Dear Eleni,
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review! We are glad to hear your appreciation of both the history of the artifact and its quality. We hope you had a great experience with our services overall.
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