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Traditional Greek Sailing Vessel - marble base - pure Bronze Sculpture

Traditional Greek Sailing Vessel - marble base - pure Bronze Sculpture

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Condition: New, Made in Greece.
Material: Pure Bronze
Height: 18 cm - 7,1 inches
Width: 11 cm - 4,35 inches
Length: 5 cm - 1,97 inches
Weight: 300 g

Caressed by a gentle sea breeze and illuminated by the glorious sunshine, Greek wooden boats have a proud and long-standing tradition of sailing the Aegean Sea. As time goes on, this great trade will become more precious. Today’s boat makers can embrace their history and preserve traditions so that the generations to follow will have a bitter sweet story to tell.
The history of the Greek shipbuilding dates back to the prehistoric times. Over the centuries, the craftsmanship transitioned through various stages and today’s traditional wooden shipbuilding is shaped by the diverse elements adopted from the Middle Ages and the Byzantine Empire.
During the Ottoman Empire, the sultans would use their imperial caïques for ceremonial and daily excursions around the Bosporus. The caïques were adorned with impressively carved decorative items to show off the wealth of their owners.

* Please note that the product you will receive may be a little different from the photo because of the oxidation process. All our products are handmade*

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