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Mycenaean PSI Type female idol - pure bronze statue

Mycenaean PSI Type female idol - pure bronze statue

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Item Specifics

Condition: New, Made in Greece.
Material: Pure Bronze
Height: 13,5 cm - 5,31 inches
Width: 6,5 cm - 2,56 inches
Length: 2,5 cm - 0,98 inches
Weight: 154 g

Mycenaean Greece (or the Mycenaean civilization) was the last phase of the Bronze Age in Ancient Greece, spanning the period from approximately 1600–1100 BC. It represents the first advanced and distinctively Greek civilization in mainland Greece with its palatial states, urban organization, works of art, and writing system.
Schematic female figurines with arms folded or raised in an attitude of supplication are the commonest types of Mycenaean cult objects. They are small in size, handmade and are called conventionally Phi-type, Psi-type and Tau-type because of their similarity to the corresponding letters of the Greek alphabet (Φ, Ψ )
Τhey are thought to represent goddesses possibly associated with fertility (some Phi-type figurines carry babies in their hands

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