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Kylix - Apollo - Black Bird - Attic Period - Delphi Museum Replica - 500 BC - Ancient Greece - Ceramic

Kylix - Apollo - Black Bird - Attic Period - Delphi Museum Replica - 500 BC - Ancient Greece - Ceramic

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Item Specifics

Condition: New, Handmade in Greece.
Material: Clay
Height: 10,5 cm - 4,1 inches
Width: 27 cm - 10,6 inches
Length: 20,5 cm - 8,1 inches
Weight: 480 g

This item is a reproduction of a kylix located in the Delphi museum. This Attic White Ground kylix of the early 5th century BC has a most distinctive depiction of the Apollo. The god wears a white sleeveless chiton, which is fastened with pins at the shoulders, and a red himation wrapped around the lower part of his body. He sits on a cross-legged stool. A myrtle wreath garnishes his carelessly bound hair. He performs a libation by pouring wine out of a bowl with his right hand, while holding a seven-stringed lyre, whose sound-box is made of a turtle-shell, in his left hand. A raven looks on. This scene could allude to the myth of King Phlegyas's daughter Koronida (from the Greek korone = raven), who was in love with Apollo, although some scholars believe it is simply a bird with prophetic powers. These colourful figures on a white background are typical of Attic vase-painting of the early 5th century BC. This kylix is the work of an unknown artist, which some scholars identify with the so-called Berlin painter. It was Hand made in Greece, diameter is approximately 8 inches. Our clay items are Hand painted and not fastly made, nor are they cheaply made of substitute materials such as resin. We stick to the materials and methods used by ancient Greeks and use only top quality ceramics and paints. Do not expect "perfection" as if these clay vases was not mass produced from a machine like many are, but by hand.

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