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Cycladic Female Bust - Figure from Keros island - pure bronze statue

Cycladic Female Bust - Figure from Keros island - pure bronze statue

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Condition: New, Made in Greece.
Material: Pure Bronze
Height: 13 cm -5,12 inches
Width: 3,5 cm - 1,38 inches
Length: 2,5 cm - 0,98 inches
Weight: 187 g

The Cycladic islands of the Aegean were first inhabited by voyagers from Asia Minor around 3000 BCE and a certain prosperity was achieved thanks to the wealth of natural resources on the islands such as gold, silver, copper, obsidian, and marble. This prosperity allowed for a flourishing of the arts and the uniqueness of Cycladic art is perhaps best illustrated by their clean-lined and minimalistic sculpture which is amongst the most distinctive art produced throughout the Bronze Age Aegean. These figurines were produced from 3000 BCE until around 2000 BCE when the islands became increasingly influenced by the Minoan civilization based on Crete.
Small statuettes were sculpted from local coarse-grained marble and although different forms were produced, all share the same characteristics of being highly stylized with only the most general and prominent body features represented. The earliest examples were produced in the Neolithic period and were made until around 2500 BCE.
Bronze high quality reproduction.

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