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Achilles and Ajax - Exekias - Ancient Greek Amphora Vase- Vatican Museum Replica

Achilles and Ajax - Exekias - Ancient Greek Amphora Vase- Vatican Museum Replica

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This item is reproduction of the museum original(Vatican Museum). It depicts Achilles and Ajax, both identified by their names added in the genitive. They are sitting across from each other, looking at a block situated between them. The board game they are playing, which might be compared to a backgammon or checkers variant, was played with a die. According to the words written next to the two players, Achilles proclaims he has thrown a four, while Ajax a three. Although the two of them are pictured playing, they are clearly depicted as being on duty, wearing their body-armour and holding their spears. The rest of their weapons are situated in close proximity, suggesting that they might head back into battle any moment. Apart from the selection of this very intimate, relaxed scene as a symbol for the Trojan War, this vase-painting also showcases the talent of Exekias as an artist: the figures of both Achilles and Ajax are decorated with fine incised details, showing almost every hair. The colors are very simple, natural pigments that could have easily been found in nature and utilized by the Ancient Greeks. It was Hand made in Greece, height is approximately 14 inches. Our clay items are Hand painted and not fastly made, nor are they cheaply made of substitute materials such as resin. We stick to the materials and methods used by ancient Greeks and use only top quality ceramics and paints. Do not expect "perfection" as if these clay vases was not mass produced from a machine like many are, but by hand.(29)

 Note that sizes may vary a little cause everything is Hand Made

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