This is a reproduction of the bronze helmet of Miltiades the leader of Athenians in the battle against the Persians at Marathon, Greece (490 year BC.) Miltiades is often credited with devising the tactics that defeated the Persians in the Battle of Marathon. Miltiades was elected to serve as one of the ten generals (strategoi) for 490 BCE. In addition to the ten generals, there was one 'war-ruler' (polemarch), Callimachus, who had been left with a decision of great importance. The ten generals were split, five to five, on whether to attack the Persians at Marathon then, or later.Miltiades was firm in insisting that the Persians are fought now as a siege of Athens would have led to its destruction, and convinced the decisive vote of Callimachus for the necessity of a swift attack. He also convinced the generals of the necessity of not using the customary tactics, as hoplites usually marched in an evenly distributed phalanx of shields and spears, a standard with no other instance of deviation until Epaminondas. Miltiades feared the cavalry of the Persians attacking the flanks, and asked for the flanks to have more hoplites than the center. Miltiades had his men march to the end of the Persian archer range, called the "beaten zone", then break out in a run straight at the Persian horde. This was very successful in defeating the Persians, who then tried to sail around the Cape Sounion and attack Attica from the west. Miltiades got his men to quickly march to the western side of Attica overnight, causing Datis to flee at the sight of the soldiers who had just defeated him the previous evening.The prototype for these helmets is the plain, uncrested Corinthian style of the 6th century BC. The prototype of this helmet can be seen in Olympia museum. This helmet, as with all our other bronze items, are cast in Greece, using the traditional 'lost wax' method, therefore each piece is unique. It was made in Greece, stands 19 centimeters high, 13 centimeters width and weighs approximately 3 kg.


Helmet Details:

Condition: New, Handmade in Greece.

Material: Bronze

Height: 19cm (7.5")

Width: 13cm (5")

Weight: 3 kg

Please be aware that, due to the fact that our products are either individually cast, carved, painted and hand finished, there will inevitably be minor variations in size, colour and texture.(12)