The Attic or Athenian helmet was an invention of the ancient Athenians, derived from a transformation of the older Chalcidean helmet. The Chalcideans were the people of the city-state Chalkis in the island Euboea, famous for its weaponry during the Archaic Era (7th cent. – 479 BC). It seems that the Chalcidean helmet was popular in Athens and Attica, as we can see in the Athenian vase-paintings. These helmets, as with all our other bronze items, are cast in Greece, using the traditional 'lost wax' method, therefore each piece is unique. It was made in Greece, stands 38 centimeters high, 18 centimeters width and weighs approximately 9 kg.


Helmet Details:

Condition: New, Handmade in Greece.

Material: Bronze

Height: 38cm (14.9")

Width: 18cm (7.1")

Weight: 9 kg

Please be aware that, due to the fact that our products are either individually cast, carved, painted and hand finished, there will inevitably be minor variations in size, colour and texture.(135)